Pouring of milk toffee making machine products


Milk toffee making machine products The function of the sugar pump is to push the massecuite into the sugar nozzle. The inner cylinder is an opening and closing cylinder. There is a connecting handle in the middle of the inner and outer circumferences of the cylinder, which is connected to the lever that swings left and right. There is a small hole on the side and bottom of the cylinder. The small hole on the side is connected with the hole of the storage tank, and when the small hole on the side is closed with the empty opening on the side of the outer cylinder, the sugar injection nozzle with the small hole at the bottom is connected. A piston is installed in the opening and closing cylinder. When the piston moves up and down, the air can be sucked in, and the sugar paste is pressed to the sugar injection nozzle. The size of the moving distance of the piston determines the amount of massecuite discharged, and the moving distance of the piston can be adjusted according to the size of the sugar cube. There is a sugar nozzle at the bottom of each sugar pump, which equals the number of sugar models.

milk toffee making machine products

milk toffee making machine products After cooling and uniforming, the sugar bars enter the forming machine, and the sugar bars are fed into the rotary head under the action of friction by the sugar feeding wheel, and are rolled into the outer edge of the forming groove. Press, the candy bar is squeezed into the forming groove and broken into candy cubes. At the same time, the sugar brewing rod moves forward under the push of the cam, and pushes the candy cubes into the forming hole. Put in a sieve and wait for the sugar cubes to cool before packing.

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