Technical features of quality milk toffee making machine


The quality milk toffee making machine integrates machine, electricity and gas control, has a reasonable and compact structure, and has a high degree of automation. High production efficiency, can produce single-color, double-flavor and double-color spray, double-flavor double-layer, three-flavor three-color spray, as well as crystal candy, sandwich candy, strip candy and Siqi. The candy produced by this unit has the characteristics of crystal clear and smooth, clear spray pattern, accurate and stable filling volume and position, and good taste.

quality milk toffee making machine

1 The performance of the quality milk toffee making machine is more stable, and the programming can automatically control the temperature, time, holding temperature and pouring speed of vacuum sugar boiling;

2 10.7-inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate;

The production capacity of 3 series products can be from 150 kg to 600 kg per hour;

4. Frequency conversion speed regulation to control the flow of sugar liquid;

5 The dynamic mixer completes the quantitative filling and mixing of essence, pigment and acid solution online;

6. Conveyor chain belt, cooling system and double demoulding mechanism ensure demoulding;

7 quality milk toffee making machine can produce various shapes of candies according to different molds.

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