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Marshmallow is a kind of candy made from fruit juice and gelatin. The product is rich in vitamins and is loved by the general public. Through modern technology, it is processed into a small package product that is convenient to carry and ready to eat. It is a product for parties, leisure and travel. So how much do you know about the method of making marshmallows? Follow the editor of gummy manufacturing equipment For sale for a simple understanding!


1. Material selection: The main raw material of marshmallows is corn starch, which is converted into glucose syrup first. The glucose syrup used in soft candies is a semi-finished product of solid glucose, which can be directly absorbed by the human body. Part of the dry solids in grape bran syrup is dextrin with no sweetness, and the rest is glucose and a small amount of low-level sugars such as maltose and oligosaccharides. Therefore, the sweetness of marshmallows is not high, but the nutrition is very rich.
2. Production: According to the characteristics of various fruits, first make a model, then use glucose syrup as the main raw material, add an appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose, fruit juice, etc., boil it to a specified temperature, and after it becomes a porridge paste, mold it. After 72 hours of baking, use granulated sugar to wash the starch on the surface of the sugar block, then hang the sand and pack it.
The above is the gummy manufacturing equipment For sale editor's description: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the production method of marshmallows.

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