gummy manufacturing equipment For sale introduces the making of soft sweets


Do you know how to make jelly? Today, the editor of gummy manufacturing equipment For sale will take you to a brief look.
1. Starch milk: half of sweet potato starch and corn starch can be used to make soft sweets. If the finished product is calculated as 50 kg, 6 kg of mixed starch can be used, sieved, and 2.5 kg of sugar, 12 g of citric acid and 8 kg of water are added. Stir evenly, and heat to 60 degrees Celsius on a slow heat, not exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.
2. Pulp: Use boiling water about 17 kg into the prepared starch milk, ripen the starch milk into a slurry, stir quickly, stir until there are no lumps, heat to boiling, completely melt and filter 12.5 The mixture of kilograms of white sugar and 20 kilograms of starch syrup is added to the cooked and stirred paste in three times, and the mixture is added while stirring. Add 1/5 at a time, stir well and add 2/5 twice, stir well and add all three times. After stirring, you can boil the sugar. Pay attention to the amount of water added in the process of adjusting starch milk and brewing pulp. If the amount of water is too little, the product will be hard; if too much water is added, it will take longer to boil the sugar, waste fuel, and make the product darker. Because the starch syrup is used in the formula, the water in the starch syrup needs to be included in the calculation.


3. Boil the sugar: Put the prepared and stirred syrup on the fire and boil the sugar. Stir while boiling, it takes about 1 hour. The output temperature is 115-120 degrees Celsius; it can be lower in winter and higher in summer. After removing the heat, add the spices and stir well.
4. Cooling: There are two cooling methods: one is to spread a layer of starch on the iron plate to prevent the sugar dough from sticking to the iron plate; the other is to rub some vegetable oil on the iron plate as a lubricant .
5. Forming and packaging: When the sugar billet is cooled to moderate hardness on the iron plate, it can be divided into pieces and pressed into pieces. When it continues to cool to the appropriate hardness required for forming, it can be cut into pieces with a dicer. Generally, it can be cut into rectangular or irregular-shaped pieces. Good quality soft candies can be elongated by more than 12 cm. After forming, after a little cooling, the starch granules adhering to the surface of the sugar block can be removed by a powder remover. The glutinous rice paper is used as the lining, and the label paper is wrapped, so that the kinks are tight.
The above is the gummy manufacturing equipment For sale editor's description: a brief introduction to the relevant knowledge about the production method of soft candy.

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