Quality gummy manufacturing machine tells how to make prickly pear jelly


Do you know how to make prickly pear gummies? Today, the editor of quality gummy manufacturing machine will take you to have a brief look.
1. Filter
Weigh a certain amount of fresh prickly pear, clean it, beat the pulp according to the material-to-liquid ratio of 1:2, filter with a 100-mesh sieve, and take the filtrate (prickly pear juice) for later use.
2. Sol
Weigh 1% of the gelling agent, mix it with 5 times the total amount of white sugar, add 20 times the total amount of water, and soak for 20 minutes, then heat to fully dissolve it.
3. Boiling
Weigh a certain amount of white granulated sugar (10%) and maltose syrup (10%), add 0.5 times the total amount of water to the sugar, boil and stir. When the sugar solution is not easy to break off, add the sol to the sugar solution, stir evenly, then add the prepared prickly pear juice (12%), stir evenly, and continue to cook. In order to avoid the deterioration of the gel properties of the gelling agent, the temperature should be kept at 104-107°C. When the moisture content of the system drops to 22-24%, the end of the cooking process is reached, and the heating is stopped.

4. Adjust acid
In order to prevent the acid from destroying the gel performance of the gelling agent at high temperature, when the sugar body is cooled to about 70°C, add a certain amount of malic acid (0.15%) and stir evenly.
5. Pouring
Pour it into the mold while it is hot, and let it cool and agglomerate.
6. Dry
The formed sugar body is dried by hot air drying, the drying temperature is 45℃, and the drying time is 8-10h. When the moisture content reaches 14-18%, the drying end is reached. After it has cooled to room temperature, it can be packaged into a finished product.
The above is the editor of the quality gummy manufacturing machine: about the production method of prickly pear jelly.

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