gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price introduces the storage knowledge of candy


Candy is a kind of snack that can adjust the mood. Eating candies when you are in a bad mood helps us get rid of negative emotions. So we can keep some candies at home. So what should we pay attention to when preserving candies? Today, the editor of gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price will show you a brief look.
1. The sugar content of candy is relatively high, and sugar is more sensitive to humidity. If the ambient humidity is greater than 50%, it will easily make the candy absorb moisture and melt.
2. The moisture content in the air is large, so when storing the candy, the candy should be stored in a sealed container to avoid direct contact between the candy and the air.


3. The candy cannot be stored under long-term exposure to the sun. Long-term exposure to sunlight will cause the temperature of the candy to rise sharply, causing it to melt.
4. Another thing is that you can't put the candy near the radiator, the little sun, and the air conditioner, because the temperature in these locations is relatively high and it is easy to melt the candy.
5. Under normal circumstances, the shelf life of candies will not exceed half a year, so we should not buy a large amount of candies at one time, so as not to exceed the shelf life of candies.
6. Before you are ready to eat the candies, you should smell the candies to see if they are sour. If so, don't eat them, because the candies have deteriorated.
The above is the editor of gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the storage knowledge of sweets.

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