gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price introduces the knowledge of the selection of milk jelly


Milk fudge is a soft, elastic and tough functional candy. It is mainly made of gelatin, syrup, milk and other raw materials. After multiple processes, it is composed of different shapes, textures and fragrances, and is exquisite and durable. Solid candy, elastic and chewy. So how much do you know about its selection and attention to knowledge? The editor of gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price will show you a brief look.


1. Do not buy products with poor printing quality, illegible handwriting, incomplete labeling, and no production date.
2. The color of milk jelly should be normal, uniform and clear, pure aroma, moderate taste, no other peculiar smell; the shape of the candy should be correct, the edges should be neat, no corner cracks, the surface should be bright and smooth, the pattern should be clear, and the size and thickness should be uniform. No obvious deformation; the candy should be free of visible impurities.
3. Purchase products with complete packaging that do not exceed the production date. Some candies containing dairy products are prone to deterioration if they exceed the shelf life, and they will turn yellow in appearance and have peculiar taste in the mouth.
The above is the editor of gummy manufacturing machine Wholesale Price: a brief introduction to the knowledge of the selection of milk fudge.

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