chewing gum manufacturing machine introduces the relevant knowledge of chewing gum


How much do you know about chewing gum? Let's follow the editor of chewing gum manufacturing machine for a brief understanding!
The main component of chewing gum residue is gum base, which can be chewed, foamed, cleaned mouth and teeth in the mouth. But if you spit on the floor, on the carpet, and on your clothing, it can pick up dust and bacteria, and it's hard to get rid of. The chewing gum base is not sticky in the oral cavity, gastrointestinal tract and other environments with moisture, and is almost fluid in the human gastrointestinal tract, and because the materials of the chewing gum base are high molecular, the human body cannot absorb it. Therefore, it is not a problem for a small number of children to accidentally eat chewing gum and bubble gum base.


Chewing gum base is composed of some natural or synthetic elastic substances, film-forming substances, softeners and filler substances. The film-forming substance in the middle is particularly viscous (foaming relies on viscous substances).
Chewing gum is very popular in foreign countries. The treatment of chewing gum residues abroad is very simple. When eating chewing gum, put the inner wrapping paper of a piece of chewing gum. Throw it in the trash can.
Fresh chewing gum residue is also easier to dispose of right away, but it is very difficult for old residue to be stained with dust and then heated and melted by the sun's temperature to penetrate into the interior of the object (especially into the fibers of the clothing and carpet). Generally, the surface residue is scraped off and then cleaned with a chewing gum-based solvent.
The above is what the editor of chewing gum manufacturing machine tells: a brief introduction to some related little knowledge about chewing gum.

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