Little knowledge of lollipop manufacturing machine For sale


The lollipop manufacturing machine For sale, the production method and the product thereof belong to the field of candy production. The lollipop manufacturing machine for sale includes a sugar boiling device and a constant temperature stretching machine in sequence according to the sequence of its production process and the order of high and low levels. The lollipop manufacturing machine For sale is provided with a Lollipop molding mold, sugar is made into syrup in the sugar boiling device, the syrup is repeatedly stretched in a constant temperature stretching machine, and then the syrup is extruded into the mold in the lollipop manufacturing machine For sale to form a lollipop, stick The surrounding or inner shape of the lollipop is circular, polygonal and polygonal, circular, polygonal and polygonal. The interior or surrounding of the lollipop includes hollowed-out text modeling, animal modeling, building modeling, flower modeling, tool modeling, symbol modeling and melon and fruit modeling. , the middle is a hollow structure, and the invention is used to enrich the variety of lollipop products, speed up the production speed of lollipops, reduce manufacturing costs, and meet market needs.


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