customized lollipop manufacturing machine price Introduce double pouring type lollipop machine


Do you know what a double pour lollipop forming machine is? The customized lollipop manufacturing machine price editor will take you to a brief understanding.


Including a bracket, the top of the bracket is fixedly installed with a worktable, and the top of the worktable is fixedly installed with a circular mold. The double-casting lollipop forming machine, through the worktable, the circular mold, the fixing plate, the connecting rod, the bolt, the connecting block , The matching settings between the limit rod, push block, clamping block, support rod and spring, better improve the efficiency of round mold replacement, avoid round molds are now tightened with screws, when round molds are tightened with screws When it is damaged or worn, it is not easy to replace, which ensures the stable and fast replacement between the round mold and the worktable. By setting springs between the support rods, the support rod can drive the clamping block to reset, which makes the replacement more convenient and avoids the need for Unscrew the screw, which leads to troublesome replacement, thereby avoiding the loss of the screw and improving the work efficiency.
The above is the introduction of customized lollipop manufacturing machine price: a brief introduction to the knowledge of double pouring lollipop manufacturing machine.

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