customized lollipop manufacturing machine price


Do you know the chain lollipop forming machine? The customized lollipop manufacturing machine price editor will take you to a brief understanding.
It includes a rod conveying mechanism, a forming module, a driving motor, a frame, and a wall panel. Wall panels are installed on both sides of the upper end of the frame, a forming module is installed in the middle of the two wall panels, and a driving motor is installed on the outer side of one wall panel. The forming module includes an upper module, a lower module, a return mechanism, a discharging mechanism, and a plunger forming module. The upper module and the lower module are respectively a ring chain mechanism. The upper module is assembled on the upper end of the lower module, and the output The rod mechanism is installed at the feed end of the lower module, the return mechanism is installed above the feed end of the upper module, and the discharge mechanism is installed on the side of the discharge end of the lower module. Shape, both ends of the rotating shaft are fixed on the wall panels on both sides by eccentric wheels, and a rotating shaft runs through the wall panels to connect the gear transmission mechanism, and the lower module is equipped with a plunger forming module. Modules, improve equipment life, improve product output, quality, and easy maintenance.


The above is the customized lollipop manufacturing machine price Xiaobian tells: a brief introduction to the little knowledge about the chain lollipop forming machine.

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