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The basic material of lollipop manufacturing machine is granulated sugar, which accounts for 60%-75% of hard candy. The problem of hard candy manufacturing is how to turn crystallized sugar into an amorphous solid. After the sugar is dissolved in water, it changes from a crystalline state to an amorphous state, which needs to be dehydrated and concentrated. When the pure sugar solution is dehydrated and concentrated, the final result is still a crystal. This substance can improve the solubility of granulated sugar solution, so that the granulated sugar solution does not crystallize when it is supersaturated. On the other hand, by increasing the viscosity of the sugar solution, the molecular motion of the granulated sugar solution to rearrange into a crystal form can also be slowed down. Physical and chemical properties of hard candy:

lollipop manufacturing machine

Lollipop manufacturing machine by lollipop manufacturing machines have an amorphous structure without a fixed melting point. They gradually melt into semi-solid plastic sugar bodies at temperatures above 70°, and gradually become massecuites with higher viscosity at temperatures above 100°. ° above and into a liquid with great fluidity. The main ingredient that makes sugar is crystalline sucrose. Moisture is a clear sign that hard candies distinguish them from other types of candies, and is the main reason for hard candies to be hard and brittle. Low moisture means hard candy has high dry solids content and high sugar concentration. To manufacture qualified hard candy, it is better to control the moisture content below 2%, otherwise the hard candy will have poor transparency. Due to the high water content and neither hard nor brittle, it is easy to return to sand during the shelf life. Factors that affect the equilibrium relative humidity of lollipops made by a self-made lollipop making machine are:

①. The percentage of crystalline sucrose, non-crystalline sugar and water in the basic composition of candy.

②, the presence of other substances (such as acids, salts, etc.) other than sugars.

③, the relative molecular weight of various soluble dry solids.

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