Lollipop manufacturing machine production process


Lollipop manufacturing machine production process:

lollipop manufacturing machine
1. Ingredients

Material balance: The material balance includes two aspects, the dry solids balance, and the second is the reducing sugar balance. In the production process of hard candy, the materials undergo chemical changes due to heat, some substances increase, and some substances decrease, and at the same time, it will inevitably lead to mechanical loss of substances. This change not only reflects the technical level of the process, but also produces the technology of technology economic consequences.

2. Sugar

The amount of water added during sugar melting generally varies with the characteristics of the type of candy product. In the case of hard candy, the amount of water added is insufficient, and it is difficult to melt all the sugar crystals in a short period of time. The production process and the preservation process bring the danger of "sand back". On the contrary, adding too much water will prolong the heating and evaporation cycle, promote the excessive conversion of sugar and waste energy. Undoubtedly, both of these outcomes are sought to be avoided in production.

3. Boil the sugar

Boiling sugar is a key process in the process of hard candy. The whole process of boiling sugar is to re-evaporate and remove part of the water in the solution, so that the final hard confectionery can reach a high concentration and retain a low residual moisture. However, the evaporation and concentration of sugar liquid is different from others.

4. Forming

The massecuite that has been boiled to the specified concentration is appropriately cooled, and the pigments and seasonings are added and mixed evenly, and then it can be formed. Continuous casting molding: The process of continuous casting molding is characterized in that when the boiled massecuite is still in a rheological state, the liquid syrup is quantitatively poured into the continuous running model tray, and then rapidly cooled and shaped, and then removed from the mold. The disc falls off and separates.

5. Packaging

Boiled candy is a type of candy with low water content and can easily absorb external moisture. After absorbing moisture, the product closes and returns to sand. As a result, the value of the commodity is reduced or lost. Therefore, packaging is an indispensable means of protection for candies, and the function of packaging is to prevent or delay the phenomenon of qualitative change. A reasonable method is to seal the boiled candy. When the hard candy is completely isolated from the outside air, even after several years of preservation, it is not easy to detect the change in quality.

The above is the introduction of the technological process of lollipop manufacturing machine production, I hope it can help you.

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