Take you to understand the gummy manufacturing machine


When it comes to fudge, it is a favorite of many people. Some manufacturers put a lot of effort into the packaging of fudge in order to sell their products. Do you know how fudge is produced? Take you to visit the gummy manufacturing machine, let's learn about it together!

gummy manufacturing machine

Gummy is a delicious snack that many people like to eat. It is not only sweet, but also chewy. Let's see how the jelly is made! Xianggan soup is soft and not elastic, candies are transparent and translucent, and the water content of bricks is relatively high, generally 10% to 20%, so that its main raw material is glucose,

A small amount of low-grade sugars such as maltose and oligosaccharides, using glucose syrup as the main raw material, adding an appropriate amount of refined starch, sucrose juice, etc., are boiled to a specified temperature, and then poured into the model after porridge paste, and baked for 72 hours. Bring in the sugar and scrub the starch on the surface of the sugar cubes, and then hang the packaging. You can see that the fully mixed fudge raw materials look very delicious.

It was like a big waterfall composed of syrup hanging in front of me. Various colored fondant materials were gradually elongated on the assembly line and turned into long cylindrical fondant, which would change into size under the cutting of mechanical blades. The same shape, waiting to be packaged, you can see a variety of different colors of wrapping paper running continuously on the machine,

All kinds of wrapping paper, including the same color fondant, went down the assembly line. Seeing this, don't you feel that it is very magical? It turns out that the fondant you like to eat is made in this way!

The above related matters about the gummy manufacturing machine are introduced here. I don’t know if it will help you?

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