Improvements in gummy manufacturing machine greatly increase practical value


According to the actual needs of each different customer, the soft gummy manufacturing machine is committed to the design of safety, reliability, and can quickly generate economic benefits. performance, greatly improving the practical value of the production line.

gummy manufacturing machine

Different inflatable methods can obtain inflated articles of different consistency and texture physical properties. For a long time, the aeration operation of the fudge making machine has been carried out under normal pressure, that is, the air on the surface of the material is inflated and dispersed into fine air bubbles by mechanical whipping. Since the advent of pressure whipping equipment, candy inflation can be done by filling compressed gas into a closed system and mechanically whipping it. In this way, the aeration amount of the fudge making machine is forced to be carried out under the condition of higher than atmospheric pressure. According to the pressure of the compressed air flow, the pressure of the material during the stirring and dispersing process is also different, so the results of different aeration levels can be formed within a certain period of time. .

The main unit of the gummy manufacturing machine has a specially designed mixing head, and the whole unit of the fondant making machine constitutes a closed system. Various materials can be continuously metered into the system. Continuously complete the material aeration process. Before running the soft candy making machine, check whether there is any abnormality in the equipment, water, electricity and gas, and set the operating parameters according to the operation requirements.

Candy with high, medium and low aeration levels can be produced by the gummy manufacturing machine. When it is necessary to make high-inflated candy, the foaming agent and compressed air pass through the foaming pipe at the same time, and then enter the mixing head with the sugar liquid of the specified concentration to form a high-inflated candy Sugar body; when making moderately inflated candy, the foaming agent and compressed air of sugar liquid with a specified concentration enter the mixing head to inflate to form a moderately inflated sugar body; when making low-inflated candy, the foaming agent and compressed air are first entered together The mixing head is mixed and aerated, and the sugar solution with the specified concentration will continue to enter the mixing head after about 2/3 of the time.

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