Gummy manufacturing machine More Efficient


Today's factories are all mechanized production. Compared with traditional manual production, the output is significantly increased and more manpower is saved. Today we will introduce the process flow of the gummy manufacturing machine: dissolving sugar → filtration → boiling sugar → adding additives → casting → cooling → release → baking room → packing → packing, its use makes production more efficient.

gummy manufacturing machine

Despite the considerable development of the elastomer casting industry, the automation level of traditional batch casting equipment is still not high. Most casting lines only have partial motion machinery, while industrial technology and production quantified lines require a self-segmented combination. Therefore, batch casting equipment is basically in a semi-mechanical or semi-manual state, with low production efficiency, large labor demand, high energy consumption, and serious waste of cost and material. In addition, in the production process of conventional elastomer casting equipment, the curing channel is heated by using liquefied gas to heat the runner and the mold.

Due to the heat transfer of the air, the speed of the heat transfer is slow and the energy consumption is large. At the same time, the high temperature pollution index of the workshop will be greatly improved. Due to inaccurate temperature control, rejects often occur, resulting in wasted materials and increased costs. This situation has been changed by the gummy manufacturing machine.

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