Understanding of chewing gum manufacturing machine


Chewing gum is a widely loved snack for its refreshing, refreshing effect. As people's living standards continue to improve, the demand for chewing gum is also increasing. Therefore, many chewing gum manufacturing machines have appeared on the market at present, can produce the chewing gum of various tastes, various shapes very conveniently.

A chewing gum manufacturing machine usually consists of six parts: feeding system, dissolving system, stirring system, cooling system, extrusion system and molding system. The feeding system is the part that feeds materials into the manufacturing machine, including raw materials such as syrups, juices, flavors, etc. These ingredients need to be mixed and heated in a dissolution system to turn them into a thick paste. The mixing system is responsible for mixing the paste evenly to ensure that the various ingredients are well mixed. A cooling system is used to cool the paste to make it solid. The extrusion system extrudes the paste into chewing gum in the desired shape, which is automatically packaged in the forming system.

chewing gum manufacturing machine

Using chewing gum manufacturing machine can make chewing gum of various flavors, such as mint flavor, fruit flavor, coffee flavor and so on. At the same time, the manufacturing machine can also produce chewing gum in various shapes, such as spherical, bar, block and so on. In addition to producing regular chewing gum, these machines can also produce other flavored candies such as bubble gum.

The benefits of using chewing gum manufacturing machine are obvious. First, chewing gum is relatively cheap to make using a manufacturing mechanism, so it can be produced on a large scale, reducing production costs and thus selling prices. Secondly, the chewing gum produced by the manufacturing machine is controllable, which can control the sugar content, the intensity of the fragrance and so on. Finally, the manufacturing machine can also produce pure natural chewing gum without adding any artificial colors and flavors, which is safer and healthier.

In a word, as the market demand continues to grow, the application of chewing gum manufacturing machine will become more and more extensive. It has the advantages of high production efficiency and low cost, and can produce chewing gums of various tastes and shapes to meet the needs of different people.

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