Injection molding principle of gummy manufacturing machine


The gummy manufacturing machine is developed by advanced production technology according to the market demand for various shapes and colors of gelatin candies. It is an ideal equipment for continuous production of colloidal candies. Can produce high-quality single-color, double-color sugar. It can also produce high-quality, multi-shape, multi-color gelatinous fudge by changing the mold or pouring head. The quantitative filling and mixing of flavor and pigment acid liquids are completed online; highly automated production can not only produce products with stable quality, but also save labor and space, thereby reducing costs.

gummy manufacturing machine

Injection molding principle of gummy manufacturing machine: The material that boils sugar and pre-mixed is lifted by the unloading pump through the inlet of the pipeline, and flows through the sloping plate through the outlet to enter the hopper insulated by the jacket, and the pouring temperature of the material is kept at 140 ℃. Under the temperature, the material has good fluidity. The hopper is fixed on the pouring machine. Through the operation of the pouring machine, the material is quantitatively injected into the mold plate through the pouring head. The mold plate is sequentially fixed on a circular conveyor belt for transmission, and the length of the belt is generally 13~14m; the mold plate with the material During operation, it is cooled by the upper airflow and the lower airflow. The temperature of the treated cold air is 6~8℃, and the wind speed is 7~8m/s. When the mold plate runs to the bottom and reverses, the material has been solidified. When it reaches the demoulding area 10, the candy particles in the mold are pushed down on the discharge conveyor belt by the demoulding device and sent to the packaging machine.

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