What are the quality requirements for china gummy manufacturing machine


The quality requirements of china gummy manufacturing machine first look at the sensory quality of the candy, which can be tested from its shape, appearance, color, aroma, taste and hardness.

1. The shape of the candy produced by China gummy manufacturing machine should be neat and correct, uniform in size, without bending, cracks and barbs.

china gummy manufacturing machine

2. China gummy manufacturing machine should make the surface of the candy smooth and clean, such as the surface of hard candy is bright and white, the thickness of the outer skin is uniform, and the filling is not exposed.

3. The wrapping paper used by china gummy manufacturing machine should be clean. For candies without wrapping paper, such as those mixed with granulated sugar, the sand particles should be evenly attached; for those without granulated sugar, the surface should be smooth and bright. Color The color of the candy should be bright and uniform, and it should have a clear color to distinguish it from other varieties.

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