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china gummy manufacturing machine is composed of thermal insulation roller bed, stretching machine, forming machine, vibrating cooling screen. china gummy manufacturing machine adopts speed control, easy to operate and stable in performance. The food contact is made of stainless steel and sprayed with internationally popular orange paint, which makes the whole machine beautiful.

china gummy manufacturing machine

China gummy manufacturing machine sugar body section has tiny pores, with toughness and elasticity, chewing resistance, soft and delicate taste. Toffee is named after it contains a lot of milk products. The main feature of this kind of candy is the unique aroma of milk, also known as caramel candy. The shape of toffee is mostly cylindrical, and there are also rectangles and squares. The color is mostly milky white or slightly yellow. The average water content of toffee is 5-8%, and the reducing sugar content is between 14-25%.

china gummy manufacturing machine is suitable for the production of all kinds of candies. The finished products are full in shape, neat and beautiful. This machine has high efficiency, low energy consumption, low failure rate, high yield, low noise, small footprint, and easy operation. It is the first choice for candy production equipment.

China gummy manufacturing machine factory has strong technical force, high-precision processing equipment, and constantly introduces new products. It has a deep foundation and unique personality in the manufacture of candy food packaging machinery and candy molding machinery.

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