Product features of china toffee packing machine


China toffee packing machine has been produced for many years. China toffee packing machine is also from the initial manual packaging to semi-automatic packaging, then to fully automatic packaging, and then to multi-functional china toffee packing machine. At present, the general characteristics of China toffee packing machines on the market are as follows:

china toffee packing machine

1. The bag maker of China toffee packing machine is a special tool, which can better adapt to the current packaging requirements of multiple varieties and specifications.

2. The differential feeding method enables the machine to easily adjust the feeding position during operation. The sliding horizontal sealing mechanism can adjust the center height of the horizontal sealing up and down arbitrarily;

3. The microcomputer packaging controller can achieve complete automation, which can save labor costs. The excellent man-machine dialogue mode enables the speed, bag length, and cut-off point detection to be directly displayed on the interface. Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple.

4. The imported color mark detector makes the color mark detection more accurate. Reticulate, straight and vertical seals are optional.

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