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Working principle of lollipop manufacturing machine: After cooling and leveling, the candy bar enters the forming machine, and under the action of friction, the candy bar is fed into the wheel head. It is rolled into the outer edge of the forming groove. After the sugar wheel is squeezed, the sugar bars are squeezed into the forming groove and broken. At the same time, the candy bar moves forward under the push of the cam, pushes the candy bar into the forming hole, enters the sugar hopper with a spatula, and falls to vibrate. In the sieve, after the candies have cooled, they are ready to be packaged.

lollipop manufacturing machine

Dust removal, long-term use of lollipop manufacturing machine will leave a lot of dust, if the equipment is covered with dust and continues to work, it will not only affect the confectionery, but also have great problems in the heat dissipation of the motor. Dust blocks the heat dissipation holes, so that the motor can continue to complete processing at high temperature, which seriously affects the service life of the motor. Maintenance of equipment is critical. All dust should be cleaned so that even continuous processing will not affect the operating temperature of the motor.

Part lubrication, internal parts and accessories of lollipop manufacturing machine play an important role in the performance of the whole machine, but in the continuous processing process, the worn parts wear more seriously and need to be lubricated, which can not only reduce the wear degree of the parts, but also play a To protect and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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