Description of applicable characteristics of gummy manufacturing equipment products


In today's chemical production activities, the use of complete sets of chemical equipment is helpful to the improvement of production efficiency and product quality. The application fields of different chemical equipment are also different. What are the specific use characteristics? Now we will take gummy manufacturing equipment products as an example to explain a few. After all, this is a commonly used equipment in production activities. If it is used improperly, it is also a waste of resources. Let’s look at it for details.

gummy manufacturing equipment products

Generally speaking, we use gummy manufacturing equipment products for processing, which has strong adaptability to mixtures; no overheating of heat-sensitive materials; no crushing and grinding of granular materials; no mixing of materials with different specific gravity and particle size. The phenomenon of stratification and segregation will occur; it also has good adaptability to the mixing of various particles, fibers or flakes such as coarse particles, fine particles and finer powders. The following are the specific applicable characteristics: 1. It is suitable for materials with large proportions of materials and relatively large powder particles; 2. It is suitable for the gentle mixing process of ceramic glazes, and the material particles will not be pressed or broken; 3. It is not suitable for heat-sensitive materials. Overheating phenomenon will occur; 4. During the mixing process, it is very convenient to add the liquid required by the working conditions or set it to multiple spray nozzle devices.

Through the above description, I believe that everyone has an understanding of the characteristics shown in the application process of gummy manufacturing equipment products.

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