Operation skills of gummy manufacturing equipment


In the production of chemical products in the chemical industry, a large variety of machinery and equipment are often used, and these machinery and equipment are of great significance to the development of the chemical industry. The chemical industry is far from our life, but it is very close. Many chemical products are widely used in our daily life. So, have you had any knowledge about gummy manufacturing equipment? You have your own special operation skills when using gummy manufacturing equipment.

gummy manufacturing equipment

1. After parking for a long time, you should check whether the dispersion disk is stuck by the medium before starting the machine. If the coupling does not turn, the solvent can be pumped into it. Start after dissolving. Do not start forcibly to avoid damaging the friction linings.

2. Once there is a "falling roof", stop immediately to clean the screen, place the pulp receiving basin, adjust the speed of the pulp pump, and restart it. Otherwise, the adhesive may penetrate into the spindle bearing and cause bearing wear.

3. It is strictly forbidden to start gummy manufacturing equipment when there is no paint and grinding medium in the simplified.

4. When cleaning gummy manufacturing equipment with solvent, only rotate the disperser slightly and intermittently to avoid wear of the parts.

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