Candy manufacturing equipment's sugar operation


The amount of water added when melting sugar generally varies with the characteristics of the type of candy product. As far as hard candy is concerned, the amount of water added is insufficient, and it is difficult to dissolve all the sugar crystals in a short period of time. The production process and preservation process bring the danger of "returning sand". On the contrary, adding too much water will prolong the heating and evaporation cycle, promote the excessive conversion of sugar and waste energy. Undoubtedly, these two kinds of results are what candy manufacturing equipment strives to avoid in production.

candy manufacturing equipment

The amount of water added by candy manufacturing equipment in hard candy production is generally 30%~35% of the total dry solids of the formula materials. In actual production, the amount of water added is often lower than this ratio, and the melting of sugar is accelerated by increasing the temperature of the sugar liquid, so that the result often leads to incomplete melting. The transparency of the product is reduced or even turbid. The serious consequence is that a large area of ​​sand is returned due to the existence of sucrose microcrystals during processing.

The melting speed and melting method of candy manufacturing equipment should be considered at the same time. The melting speed requires that the material be transferred to the next process in time within 20 minutes after the sugar is completely melted. The melting method requires that the equipment can ensure that the material is completely melted in a short time.

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