Features of single twist chocolate packing machine


With the advancement of technology, the single twist chocolate packing machine was launched. The emergence of the single twist chocolate packing machine solved the problem of chocolate packaging, greatly improved the packaging efficiency and reduced the cost of packaging. The single twist chocolate packing machine adopts stainless steel design, which is easy to clean and has a long service life. Then let's take a look at the advantages and performance characteristics of the single twist chocolate packing machine.

single twist chocolate packing machine

1. The fuselage is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and meets the requirements of GMP standards.

2. The wrapping paper part of the frame adopts a self-weight motor pressing paper feeding structure, the paper feeding length of the wrapping paper is doubled, and the bag is flat and has a good edge.

3. Adopt advanced microcomputer dual control system to accurately adjust the measurement and bag length.

4. The packaging machine adopts intelligent temperature controller to control the temperature of horizontal and vertical sealing, so that the sealing is firm, the sealing performance is good, the bag shape is flat and beautiful, and the packaging efficiency is high.

5. Performance: A series of actions such as quantitative cutting, bag making, filling, counting, sealing, slitting, and outputting finished products are all completed automatically.

6. The packaging capacity, inner bag, outer bag, label, etc. can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the size of the inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the different needs of users, so as to achieve the ideal packaging effect.

7. Install the machine: first install the machine and the wrapping film, install the wrapping paper on the bracket, and try to make the edge of the wrapping paper and the gap in the middle of the support frame in a vertical and parallel state.

8. Turn on the power supply: After installing the machine and placing it flat, plug in the power supply and turn on the power switch to wait for the machine to work. The power plug must be connected to a plug with a ground wire.

9. Setting parameters: Set the length of the packaging bag, temperature parameters and the number of grams of material to be cut.

10. Pour the material: Pour the material into the hopper and press to start work.

11. Automatic packaging: single twist chocolate packing machine automatically quantitatively weighs, unloads, seals, cuts into bags, and packs for one-time molding.

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