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Stamping is the method of forming hard candies. In the early stages, using batch single-die molding, only one sugar was processed at a time, and the production efficiency was very low. At present, continuous rotary hot stamping machines are widely used, which can thermally print more candies at the same time, which greatly improves the efficiency of milk toffee making machine products.

milk toffee making machine products

After cooling and leveling, the candy bar enters the forming machine, and under the action of friction, the candy bar is sent to the grinding wheel head. Roll it into the outer edge of the forming slot. After the candy wheel, squeeze the candy cane into the forming slot and crumble. At the same time, push the candy stick forward through the cam, push the candy stick into the forming hole, and use the spatula to enter the sugar unloading bucket, so that it falls and vibrates. In the sieve, the candy can be packed after cooling, which directly increases the production capacity of milk toffee making machine products.

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