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Company Culture

First, the business philosophy:

Innovation and development, casting integrity reputation, follow the "Shouzheng, Cautious, sharing" to "quality, integrity" as the basis, "customer service" as the goal, the pursuit of sustainable development, build century-old.


Second, business purposes:

From business to honesty; from business to letter; from business to court; from justice to power;


Third, corporate mission:

Create brand enterprises; cultivate outstanding staff; build century-old.


Fourth, business principles:

Scientific and technological innovation, forge ahead.


Five, team quality objectives:

High-quality words and deeds, high-quality business skills;

High-paced work style, high passion for pioneering spirit;

Efficient teamwork, high-quality customer value.


Six, corporate culture:

We adhere to the principle of both ability and political integrity, pay more attention to outstanding character, as well as self-improvement, perseverance, perseverance and commitment to the spirit and will.

Strictly implement the fair, just and open principles, emphasize personality.

While constantly improving the overall knowledge of the company, we encourage and support employees to learn by themselves and work hard to study their business. With scientific performance appraisal and promotion, we affirm the skill and excellence demonstrated by our staff in our work, and pay more attention to knowledge Application Ability.

Persist in the first character, second attitude, ability third cooperation principle.